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The great thing about Tesco loans is that they have a two-month repayment break with no set up fees, low fixed interest rates. Use the Tesco loan repayment calculator to calculate the cost of your loan as well as your monthly repayment costs. For more information on Tesco personal loan why not visit the Tesco Finance website and look at their frequently asked questions page which outlins the most common questions concerning taking out a loan with Tesco. You can also take out an optional loan payment protection cover in case of illness or unemployment.  Tesco provides a number of financial services including car insurance, credit cards, home insurance and pet insurance. Apply for a Tesco personal loan today, all loans are for residents in the UK only.

Things you might want to consider when applying for a Tesco loan.

Here consumers will find some hints and tips that could help you get that personal loan that you need. Whether you are thinking of purchasing a car or holiday for the family, borrow only what you need making absolutely certain that you can afford the repayments of an unsecured loan. You never want to be in a position that you are struggling to meet the monthly repayments, so go over your income and outings and check that you can afford it. Exploring lots of personal loans deals is the way forward, do the maths with a loan calculator to find out which one has the cheapest overall cost. All you need is the APR and the term of the agreement to work this out.

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Tesco also provides many other services and products as well as personal loans, such as Tesco home insurance quotes, so if you’re looking for a great deal on buildings and contents insurance then why not take a look and see what features and benefits there are on offer.