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Abbey Loans offer both personal loans and secured loans for homeowners who have unsecured equity on their property, you can be sued to provide security for secured personal loans. The Abbey Loan web site offers information on current interest rates and the maximum amount of loans that they are willing to offer. Apply now for a personal loan or a secured personal loan online with Abbey. You can use an Abbey Personal loan to consolidate other loans and existing debt and turn them into one easy monthly re-payment scheme. Abbey secured personal loans are tied to specific conditions that you need to review before hand. If it is a secured loan that you want, then you really need to make sure that you are able to pay all of your monthly re-payments so you can avoid losing your home.

Things you might want to consider when applying for an Abbey loan.

When thinking about borrowing money you should only borrow what you can afford, so be realistic concerning the amount you can get with a personal loan. It might be a good idea first to check your monthly income and outgoings before you even start looking for a loan. Comparing loan deals alongside each other is a good place to start, see which one works out the cheapest. You really just need to see the TAR rate; this is the total amount repayable on the loan. You can look at the APR, but depending on your repayment period will govern how much you finally have to payback. Check your credit score too, as this is an important factor that lenders use to assess whether or not you’re likely to pay the month back.

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